Non Surgical Weight Loss Options

Jump Start Your Weight Loss

Everyone understands that sometimes your busy lifestyle can get in the way of your weight loss goals. “Jump Start” is a non-surgical weight loss solution designed to get you back on track by using a structured diet and exercise plan.

The purpose of the Jump Start Diet Program is to provide a healthy, safe, and effective supervised weight loss program to both bariatric and non-bariatric patients.

Initially all participants will be seen by Julie Johannes, Physician Assistant, to establish an understanding of the diet plan and assess overall health. The Jump Start diet plan is a 10-week, 5 phase structured plan with a variety of food options.

The cost of this program varies based on individual insurance companies. The program is designed for you to meet once a month with Julie, at her discretion. That means you will have to pay your specialist copay each time you are scheduled to have an appointment with Julie.

We need to see you twice a month and have chosen to try to cut cost for our patients by making this a medical assistant visit, which means there will be no charge to you to record your weight loss and measurement and advance you to the next phase of your diet. Each time you move to the next phase of the program you will need to purchase items from our food store. Your total purchase will be about 42 items and that price range is $65.00 to $80.00.

Contact our office at (252) 758-2224 to begin the Jump Start program.  You will be scheduled to meet with Julie Johannes, PA-C for your initial visit. At this appointment you will also get to go shopping in our Health Food Store to purchase your convenient food choices.

We look forward to being a part of a healthier you.

What Patients are Saying

Jump Start is the only thing that helped me since Lap Band surgery to get my weight back on track.
— Jeanette G.
Good way to get back on track since my Lap Band surgery with convenient food options.
— Leigh A.
Jump Start was easy to follow with food that actually tasted good. I saw quick results and that kept me motivated. I also liked the convenience of the food being shipped to me since I do not live close to Greenville.
— Leslie M.